I love to talk about money. I’m a huge believer that money is part of who you are. It can be such a powerful tool for creating change in your life. But the topic of money can be a touchy one. Some people love to talk about it, while others prefer to keep their finances as private as possible. When it comes to money, there’s one thing that makes many people uncomfortable: the role of our family in how we relate to it.

How money and our family are connected

The truth is, our families have a lot to do with how we handle money and whether or not we’re able to make good decisions about it. This isn’t just about our parents and grandparents. It is about all the ways we’re connected to our past—our ancestors and all of their patterns.

The way we handle money is often influenced by what our ancestors did with it. How they treated it, how much they valued it, how much they invested in themselves, or even if they invested at all. We may see these patterns repeated again and again over generations. This is because money is so tied up with feelings like shame; pride; guilt; anger; joy; love; pain; fear… any number of emotions that can shape how we relate with each other and ourselves around money. All this is literally in our DNA. Our ancestors are running through our veins. Their thoughts and beliefs have been inherited!

Your relationship with money

You may have noticed that you have your own pattern relating to money in your life. In fact, it’s quite likely that you have many different patterns. Some of them might be great! You might be able to save up for a fancy holiday every year, or you might be able to pay off your student loans quickly. Other patterns are less great: maybe you struggle with debt because you’re always buying things on impulse, or maybe you’re constantly stressed about not having enough money.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to understand how these patterns came about in order to change them. The easiest way to do this is by looking at how your ancestors related to money (even if they’re not around anymore). That’s because your relationship with money is often shaped by what happened in your family before you were born—and sometimes even before your parents were born!

Steps to clearing the ancestral line’s money trauma 

The first step is identifying what your family’s financial habits look like:

  • Do your parents spend a lot on unnecessary things? 
  • Are they always having trouble making ends meet? 
  • Are they unwilling to save any of their income? 

Or maybe they’re the complete opposite: they’re extremely frugal and hoard any money they make.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of spending/saving habits were established in your family, it’s time to change them! You can start by setting goals for yourself related to money management (like saving more or spending less). You’ll need to make sure these goals are realistic and achievable. 

Next steps…

How would it feel if you could clear the ancestral patterns around money and start attracting abundance instead of scarcity? Think about how different your life would be if you were consistently paid well for the work you do! You’d have more time and energy for the things that matter most in life: friends and family, hobbies, travel… whatever makes your heart sing!

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