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welcome to the world of sheila kadeer





Acting in the capacity of advisor to key stakeholders, she see’s the unseen, speaks the unspoken and delivers THE TRUTH.


She helps CEO’s innovate with unwavering success when you allow her to take a metaphorical seat on your board of Directors.


If you don’t consult with her, your competitors will!


95% of all new product innovations fail.  How much does that cost you in R&D and TIME?


I know you are thinking she is crazy right? Hire a psychic? Who does that?  Well, let me tell you, it is not uncommon for the elite to have a trusted seer who can see what you cannot yet.


You are curious, aren’t you?  Being here means you want to know more.


Will you reach out today, or tomorrow, when your competition have dominated the market?  Why wait? Get in the driving seat now and be ahead of the game.

Sheila brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her background in product marketing within the IT and telecommunications arena, where she managed a portfolio of products of over $10 million.


She has been a serving police officer in the UK and also ran her own private investigation company.


As a psychic detective, medium and futurist she can look at complex business issues and help you make strategic decisions.


Her professional qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, the CIM Diploma in Marketing, ILM Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.



The CROW is symbol of magic and mystery.


When you are ready to enter my world where I see things from the crow’s higher perspective, I invite you to get in touch.


I am so confident you will want to discover more, I will look at something for FREE so you can fully appreciate the benefit I could bring to your business.


I dare you.

Click on the button below to enter my portal and book your 15 minute innovation certainty call.

I am waiting.


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary” Jim Rohn