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Awaken Your Soul and Live Your Most Magickal Life

This is my signature 12 week 1 to 1 programme where we clear the blocks that are keeping you small and start you on the journey to the life of your dreams.

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free oracle card guidance

Got a burning question you want answered?

Want to start your day with an Oracle Card?

Use my Sensitive Soul Wisdom Cards to get that guidance now.

The Sensitive Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards are waiting to guide you.  Best of all it is totally free.

learn the tarot

Have you ever thought about learning how to read Tarot?

Tarot is an amazing tool for insight, wisdom and guidance.  The Tarot is made up of the Major Arcana which represent the karmic and spiritual lessons of life and the Minor Arcana which depicts the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Many celebrities have Tarot readings regularly and there is a growing trend of millennials seeking out guidance from Tarot Readers.

I have been reading and teaching Tarot for over 20 years and read for both business and private clients.  I also teach people how to read the Tarot so that they can start a business as a professional Tarot Reader.

If you are interested in adding Tarot to your skill set join The Tarot Portal for my Tarot Mastery course.

inspired learning

Does your soul need some inspiration?

The Sensitive Soul Academy is a place for empathic women who are ready to create the life of their dreams.  

In the Academy you will find courses on manifesting love, connecting with angels, deep soul level healing and meditations to soothe and restore.

Why lack of confidence will dim your light

Head bowed in shame. I walk in the office, hoping no one notices me.  Please don’t talk to me, I can’t face it right now.  Slowly I shuffle to my desk and slowly lower myself into the chair.  My back is sore to touch, the bruises are starting to come out now. How did...

What is an empath?

Have you ever wondered what an empath is and if in fact you are one? You have probably heard the term banded about in spiritual circles along with sensitive, lightworker and earth angel. An empath can be all of those things too. Being an empath means that you can pick...

Hi, I'm sheila

I help female business owners with strategy to make more money.  I have an innate ability to see your gifts and package it so that you can create a rockstar business.

If you are are not making the money you deserve, we need to talk.


I just completed Sheila Kadeer’s Angelic practitioner course and I have been blown away by what I received from the course. I decided to take the course as I wasn’t sure of my future purpose and what I was lacking from my life. I was drawn to Sheila’s incredible wisdom and gifts and thought what did I have to lose. I started the course with little expectation of what I wanted to do and how to move forward in my life, to a person today who is clear of blocks, limitations and with a clear purpose and direction of what I need to do to achieve an incredible life filled with happiness, wealth,  joy and prosperity. I have become a changed person and this is all thanks to Sheila and her amazing gifts and knowledge. Thanks so much Sheila, I am eternally grateful. 



I have just finished the Angel Practitioner course with Sheila and without a doubt it has been the most enlightening course I have ever done. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sheila helped make sure we were comfortable with the content. It can sometimes be a bit daunting but Sheila is very intuitive and a fantastic teacher so it helped me feel like I knew what I was doing the whole way through. The mix of things you learn on this course keep it interesting and I have walked away with so much to offer now to clients now. Thank you Sheila!


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