I’m Sheila

I believe that empowered women change the world.  When more women tap into their soul’s calling they are stepping into something far bigger than themselves and will therefore make a global impact by doing work they love.

Here is what I know:

You were born for success, everything you want, you can have.  It is all possible for you.  Having financial success as a spiritual entrepreneur does not have to be hard. It does not have to take years.

You have gifts that are needed in the world and now more than ever you are needed.  It is time to claim all you desire, right now.

My Story

I have spent over 10 years and at least £60k trying to figure out the key to financial success using my spiritual gifts.  

I felt like a failure and went back to the safety of corporate many times.  I gave up on my dream of a successful spiritual business.  I continued to just dabble and never created enough money to support myself or my family.

I took one more course looking for the answers (which didn’t materialise by the way) when I discovered I had some resistance to wealth. As I dug a little deeper(after putting my private investigator hat on) I found multiple issues in different timelines.  Not only that, I found ancestral trauma and some childhood programming to boot. 

When got to work and CLEARED these I found business got easier.  I made money with ease and attracted clients out of no where.  It was as if someone turned a light on.  I found my actual CALLING and left behind what I felt I was supposed to be doing and my CONFIDENCE soared.  I finally had the COURAGE to go all in and I have not looked back since. 

Here is what I realised.  When you do the INNER work it shows up in the outside world.  

This is why I have made it my mission to  to enable more women to experience true freedom by making money with their innate gifts.

The more financially free spiritual entrepreneurs there are, the more impact is being made through their gifts and work.  The more we change the world for the better.

Using my unique system called THE INTUITIVE BUSINESS CODE™ I can help you elevate to your next level income and impact.

You know you are here for more!


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Read What Gundega
Has To say
Sheila is genuinely gifted.  I must say that everything what Sheila does is truly life changing and it has always brought myself and my business to the next level.  Sheila’s impact is really incredible and she is absolutely brilliant and I always keep returning back. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a guidance and to up level their lives and businesses. I appreciate you Sheila. Gundega Szabo

Financial Coach

Read What Darolyn
Had To Say

Working with Sheila has been a life-changing experience. I can’t even begin to describe all of the ways she’s helped me, but there is one thing that stands out in particular: She was able to get down and work through some long-rooted issues that were keeping me from showing up and moving my business forward!


Autism Nutrition Coach






why me?

I have spent thousands of pounds investing in myself and my development.  I have perfected my craft so that you don’t have to waste money doing course after course and not getting the results you want.  I have created a unique process that removes resistance to real success, rapidly.

My journey started in corporate where I worked with some of the most well known IT and Communications companies in the world.  Managing a $10m portfolio of products and regularly travelling business class to present overseas.  I did all this while navigating an abusive relationship with a narcissist which totally broke me.  I have written about this experience in the Amazon Bestseller HEAR HER ROAR.

After experiencing my 3rd redundancy and exiting my abusive relationship I embarked on a childhood dream of becoming a police officer.  I became one of the first officers to become a Specially Trained Officer dealing with victims of serious sexual crime in my force.  The sudden death of my father and the demands of the job, along with the unresolved trauma of my abusive relationship resulted in a deep depression that lead to me taking a career break from the police to heal.

In my time off I wanted to get off medication for clinical depression and I started my journey into learning more about how the mind works.  I trained as a:

  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Platinum Practitioner of Spectrum Therapy
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Advanced Future Life Progression Practitioner
  • Angel Master Practitioner

The more I learnt the more I wanted to help other people.  The thing is my business never really got off the ground, I was never really fully in.  I didn’t believe in myself.

In 2013 I went back into the police but left for good 18 months later with a back injury that just would not heal.  I became a private investigator for a while.  Although this was a lot of fun, something was holding me back from creating the money I desired in this business. Fear of visibility and a lack of self worth were playing a part here.

I went back to the safety of corporate life.  BUT feeling unfulfilled and dead inside and then the old success gremlins reared their heads again.  Blocked and on the verge of depression again it was time for me to go all in and go full time in my business.

Cue the pandemic and my income fell to £0 overnight.  I had a lot of time on my hands and I started to REALLY work on myself.  And I mean REALLY.  I delved into my past lives, my ancestors and my childhood and the abuse at the hands of a narcissist.  I noticed some patterns and realisations about the many abusive relationships (both in love and business) that I had attracted into my life.

I trained in HeartHealing® which took everything to a whole new level in my therapeutic practice.  I am now one of the few Level 2 trained HeartHealing® Practitioners in the world.

I delved deep into what was stopping me elevating to the next level and I discovered and cleared:

  • Witch Wounds
  • Priestess Wounds
  • Sisterhood Wounds
  • Starseed Wounds
  • Energetic imprints

Doing this INNER WORK created 4 times my corporate salary in 4 months and it is increasing month on month.  Clients and money flow in with ease.  My clients are having phenomenal results too, some after just one session.

Not only do I have the skills to help you heal on a multi-dimensional level but I am an incredible intuitive, having been psychic since childhood.  I have read for over 10,000 clients and I specialise in spiritual business readings and coaching.

On top of this I also hold the following professional qualifications:

  • Diploma in Management Studies
  • CIM Diploma in Marketing
  • ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management

If you want real success and quickly, you are going to have to do the INNER WORK.  There are no short cuts to this.  I see so many business courses out there and they are great, but if they don’t work for you, it is not because the course doesn’t work, it is because you need to work on you first.

Most other coaches work on mindset only and tend to look at this life and never actually get to the root cause of why you are not earning the money you want or creating the impact.

This means your success will be up and down, short lived and you will not have the capacity to energetically hold on to it so expect those big bills to come in as soon as any money is made.  You will also be a a roller coaster ride of jumping from course to course looking for an external fix to your problems.

So why am I different? 

✔️   as a psychic I can  see where the root cause is and extract and CLEAR it so it doesn’t keep showing up and sabotaging your results/success 

✔️ I clear it at an energetic level – so it’s deeper versus the mindset level

✔️ I CLEAR on many levels – this life time and other life times and ancestral.  MULTI DIMENSIONAL MASTERY

✔️ I am a trauma informed coach

What this means for you?

✔️ Long lasting results

✔️ Income plateau resolved once and for all

✔️ Get to create a more soul aligned business with consistent cash flow

✔️ Business feels easy

✔️ You can step up as the empowered leader and stop chasing external programmes and sources because you will tap into your own intuition to lead you

✔️ You are in safe hands, I have both the  professional and business qualifications to support my work as a therapist and a business coach


I have worked on Psychic Today as a celebrity psychic and appeared as a studio psychic on Sky TV.

I have hosted my own psychic radio show on A1R Radio and Moonstruck TV.

I have been interviewed by Paul Ross on TalkSport Radio.

I have been featured in the Daily Mail.

I have worked as a police officer.

I have worked as a private investigator.

I have a rescue husky called Musky.

If you are feeling a pull to find out more check out my programmes and work with me page.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch.  I will get back to you within 48 hours.