Have you ever wondered what an empath is and if in fact you are one?

You have probably heard the term banded about in spiritual circles along with sensitive, lightworker and earth angel. An empath can be all of those things too.

Being an empath means that you can pick up on other peoples energy and emotions and take it on as your own.  An empath can literally soak up another persons emotions and really feel what they are going through. They pick up on the energies of places and situations and can become overwhelmed in crowds.

Empaths have the ability to see through the bullshit and know where people are really coming from. They can tell if you are lying or being deceitful.

They often find people approaching them and telling them all of their most personal problems, it is like they recognise the empaths ability to listen. An empath would must rather listen to someone elses woes than open up themselves. They can appear quiet but underneath that is a person who wants to succeed in life but they do put others first, often neglecting their own needs. They can be found working with people, animals, nature with a passion for helping others.

You won’t find them watching that much TV or news as they detest violence and cruelty. They tend to be peacemakers always wanting to find that happy medium in any situation.

If they do not look after their energy they can burn out emotionally and energetically. This happened to me twice. I spent too much time ignoring my own need for downtime and R&R.

People, animals and children are naturally drawn to an empath, and feel immediately comfortable in their presence. Empaths can pick up aches and pains from other people and believe that it is their own when in fact it belongs to someone else.

It is so important that an empath has a good self care regime and gets enough quiet time, they need that solitude.

If you are an empath you will resonate with the majority of points below.

  1. Hate being in crowded places.
  2. Know things without being told, excellent intuition
  3. Feel the emotions of others, know when someone is thinking something bad about them
  4. Does not like watching or reading about violence
  5. Picks up others illnesses
  6. Can detect a liar easily
  7. Prone to lower back and digestive issues
  8. Helps those in need
  9. Complete strangers offload problems to them
  10. Love to be creative
  11. Loves nature
  12. Needs to be alone at times, can seem a little aloof, moody
  13. Unable to do what does not feel right for them, unlikely to do a job that they do not believe in
  14. Inquisitive and seeks personal development
  15. Daydreamer
  16. Clutter can freak them out
  17. Does not like to be controlled and follow the rules
  18. Fantastic listener
  19. Does not get on well with narcissists although attracts them easily
  20. Do not like to buy antiques or second hand items, likes things new
  21. Many are vegetarian or vegan as can feel the energy of food, especially meat

If you think you are an empath and would like to learn more about how you need to look after yourself, let’s chat.