Business Intensive Day



Spend a day with Sheila working on your business.  On booking your day, Sheila will contact you to find out what areas you want to look at.  All Intensive Day’s are bespoke and can be a mix of mindset work, blockage clearing and strategy.

If you are just starting out in business an Intensive Day is ideal for giving you clarity on the way forward and helping you define the strategy required for success.

Sheila has a unique ability in that she can see what your zone of genius is and show you how to create a business that is both profitable and enjoyable.

If your business is not lighting you up right now, we can work together on a “Business Reinvention” that brings you joy, peace of mind and profit.

All Intensive Days will be held in luxury hotels with lunch to hold you in the highest vibration for this work.

Let’s jump on a clarity call first to see if this is for you.  Book your call here.


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