One of the processes I use with my clients is Future Life Progression (FLP).  It is an amazing technique that allows you to explore your future.  Yes you can go and have a Tarot Card reading and the reader can tell you about probable outcomes but with FLP you actually get to see it for yourself.  You will be guided under hypnosis to the timeframes you want to explore and you will gain the information you need within the session.  It works in the same way as Past Life Regression but you go forward in time.

It is based on the idea that time is circular, (spiral) NOT LINEAR, meaning that past, present and future exist all at the same time.

So what is FLP?  FLP is a mix of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Meditation.  You will be guided into a relaxed hypnotic state by the therapist and then taken to the time frame you want to look at.  It is completely safe and you have control throughout the session.  You will remember everything and be able to explore all the possibilities open to you.  You can see how your life will pan out if you make certain choices.  It gives you the ability to create your best possible future.  Sheila is one of the first Advanced Future Life Progression Therapists to be trained in the world.  She is certified and insured to practice this therapy.

The process can be used to look at creative ideas you may have.  Perhaps you want to write a book.  Well you can go and look at how the book will do, what the title is and what the chapters are.  Bringing that information into the now you can then write it with confidence.  Maybe you want to explore technology in the future, or if your business idea will work?  If you feel stuck and need direction, this process is perfect for you.

I often work with clients who have no clue what they should be doing.  They are bored in their corporate 9 to 5’s and are desperately searching for purpose and meaning in their life.  Using FLP I have taken clients into the future and they have been brought to tears of joy with what they discovered.  One client saw herself having written a book, speaking on stage and working in an area she had never considered, even though it made absolute sense with the life journey she had been on.  She was even working with her partner.  This was so far removed from her soul sucking marketing job.  She saw herself, relaxed, happy and enjoying life to the full.  Not stressed, overworked and miserable as she was now.  She now knew exactly what she needed to do to live this best life, fulfilling her life purpose and soul calling.

Another client I worked with wanted to find out more about her new business.  She knew she was supposed to be working spiritually but was not sure how.  We went into the future and looked at the steps she needed to take to be successful and she is now working towards that.

Another client saw herself living in Australia and writing books and connecting with a man from her past again and having a relationship with him.

So what can be explored with FLP?

  • Future lives where you can gain insights from what you are doing in that life and bring back talents from that life into this life
  • Going thousands of years into the future to meet the highly evolved version of yourself
  • Looking at your health
  • Go 5 or 10 years into the future so see what your best possible future could be
  • Looking at your future home
  • Looking at relationships
  • Looking at life purpose
  • Looking at investments, trends and forecasting
  • Looking at business ideas
  • Looking at future children
  • Decision making
  • Looking at a future live with a loved one who has passed over

Each session is unique and you will gain a greater understanding of what is available to you.  Once you have accessed this information we will anchor the energy and bring it back with you so you can achieve your goals quicker.

If you feel blocked in life, or need some clarity on a way forward, this is a must.

Sheila talks about FLP on Sensitive Soul Talks Podcast where she gives a short demonstration of the process.  

If you would like more information or to see if this could help you, contact Sheila directly.

Photo Credit: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay