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Awaken Your Soul and Live Your Most Magickal Life

This is my signature 12 week 1 to 1 programme where we clear the blocks that are keeping you small and start you on the journey to the life of your dreams.

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This is a 3 month programme working 1 to 1 with Sheila.  This is a journey of discovery for the brave souls who are ready to kick limitations to the kerb and embrace the truth of who they are with passion.  Meeting each week you will break down the barriers to living your best possible life.

This work is a deep dive and requires you to look at those parts that you may have wanted to keep hidden but believe me when I say, when you are ready to release all that is not yours, true magick unfolds.

Hi beautiful soul,

I’m Sheila and I have been exactly where you are now.  I have felt stuck, overwhelmed, unable to break free of negative patterns that kept appearing in my life in different guises.

It is exhausting let me tell you.  I have been in abusive relationships, been made redundant more times than I can recall and always fighting for what I deserved.  Nothing was fair, I was overlooked for jobs and made to feel small, unimportant and unworthy.

Here is the thing, I attracted all that into my life.  Yep, it was all down to me.  You see, our subconscious mind runs the show.  So it does not matter how many affirmations or positive thinking you do, unless you change your inner game and belief structure held in the unconscious, nothing will change.

I have been on a long journey of discovery which has involved delving into the unconscious realms, past lives, future lives, shamanic journeying, mindset and energetic mastery and I have reprogrammed my whole life so that I manifest with ease all the good stuff and no more of the bad.

The first step is to acknowledge that things need to change.  When I did that and invested in doing the inner work, that was a game changer for me.

I am now living my life, on my terms, and I am happier than I have ever been.  I run number of thriving businesses and I love seeing the transformation my work has on the women I mentor.

First you have to say yes to yourself.

So what will we be covering in the 3 months of working together?

Module 1 -Broom Closet DeClutter

This is the first step in changing your life.  A deep hypnotherapy based process that focuses on clearing out any negative emotions and reactions to anything that has caused any kind of hurt in your life.  This process builds confidence and self-esteem and any props you may have been using to dumb down the pain can literally disappear overnight.

Often when we lack self-esteem or confidence we allow others to have control, we attract in negative situations because we do not value ourselves.  This stops NOW. This process is simply magickal and changes the trajectory of your life immediately.

Module 2 – Past Life Investigation

Here we are going to delve into the past life that is causing you issues in your current life.  Maybe you were burnt at the stake in a past life.  No wonder you are afraid of expressing your gifts to the world.  Or perhaps you lost the love of your life and so in this life fear that happening again so sabotage your love life over and over again so you don’t have to suffer again.

Once your past life blocks are cleared, it changes the way you view the world.  You see things from a higher perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges you have been facing in your life.

Module 3 -emotional healing

In this module I use a process that has been successfully used to treat PTSD, anxiety, stress, depression and trauma related symptoms.  The process eradicates all negative emotions from memories and eliminates non beneficial core beliefs.

Just imagine being able to stop your past controlling your future – this is GOLD.  Feel calm, centred and relaxed in any situation in the future, so YOU control the shots – this is negotiating heaven!

Module 4 – energetic field cleanse

A gentle but powerful wash using angelic energies to clear your energy fields of psychic attack, vows you may have made and anything energetically that may be holding you back.  One of my clients released a vow of never having children again that she had made eons ago.

Energy is everything and all blockages and illness will begin in the energetic field.  Unless we clear them they will manifest in material form so maintenance and care of this is absolutely ESSENTIAL.  You would be amazed at what I have found sitting in the energy fields of some of my clients!

Module 5 -Soul Retrieval

Let’s journey back to where you have lots parts of your self. Reclaim your soul fragments that have been lost through trauma or sometimes we just give them away.  If you feel like you are missing a part of you or you are not whole then you may have soul loss.

Soul retrieval is a shamanic process that brings back those lost parts of you, and there may be many parts to bring back.

Module 6 – ANcestral healing

A shamanic process to clear your ancestral lineage.  Those who came before us can impact those living now.  Traumas, problems or strong belief structures from ancestors are carried down the family line and will impact future generations.  As soon as you free the ancestral blocks you will change things for not only you but your children and all generations to come.

You are also contributing to raising Earth’s vibration as you do this work as future generations will be free of the Karmic imprinting from their ancestors.

Module 7 -Healing the Womb

The womb is the seat of creativity, it is the most powerful and sacred place in the woman’s body.  Release psychic hooks from previous partners – did you know that the energy of a previous partner can be held in the womb for 7 years!

This follows on from the ancestral healing as shame and sexual trauma are held in the womb.

From your cleansed womb you will be able to create the life you desire with ease.

Module 8 – chakra healing

Blocked chakras can affect your overall wellbeing. In this module we cleanse and clear all your chakras on a deep level.  This will allow you to experience healthy boundaries, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, clearer communication and increased mental clarity.  We will also open your connection to spirit which will allow your intuition and inspiration to flow.

Chakra balancing and maintenance is a key component to your spiritual development.

Module 9 -Money healing

In this module we will be raising your wealth frequency so that you can attract exactly what you want financially into your life.

You will get into alignment with your abundant self and leave the limitations that have stopped you having the life you want behind.

Welcome to the new, rich, money magnet you.

Module 10 – future visions

It is now time to start creating your new future.  Using Future Life Progression Techniques we will journey into the future and explore your best possible future.

Walk away with the knowledge of what your future holds and what decisions you need to make right now to be successful.  See where your business ideas will take you in the future and what you need to be concentrating on and what you can let go of.  See your soul mate relationship if that is what you are looking for right now.

This is something you will see for yourself, not a psychic prediction or reading, THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, LITERALLY.

Module 11 -meet your future self

Be prepared to journey to meet the you who lives a thousand years from now.

Experience the wisdom and insight of this wise energy, develop a strong bond with her so that you can call on her when you need guidance.  She will become your ultimate guide and best friend.  It will time time to strengthen the bond with her but once you have you will know exactly what to do in any situation.

Module 12 – your new routine

I will share with you daily practices to keep you on track and set you up energetically for the day.

Meet your spirit team.  Have ultimate control over your life.  No more getting derailed or low frequency days.

The same techniques I use to manifest with ease and on demand, and have days that amaze me.  Life will never be the same!

What can I say about Sheila? She is filled with love, compassion and kindness. Always striving for the better good. Her soul mission is to help others and to help heal their lives. She has the tools to help to empower your life. Positivity and light shines from her beautiful face. I just adore her. Anita Brown

Motivational Speaker, My Big Fat British Bladder Tumour

Sheila is a brilliant empath & spiritual teacher who will support your personal and spiritual goals. Her gentle nature will guide you through those first few steps to give you not only confidence but deeper understanding of your awakening your spiritual gifts. Ruqayya Daville

Leadership and Business Mentor

Sheila is very professional, insightful and intuitive, with a real understanding of what challenges a business has and offers a professional, insightful service. Not only this, on a personal level, she is calm, nurturing, an expert in her specialisms, has perception and understanding of the challenges life can offer. If you would like help with your business I would definitely recommend Sheila as a valuable resource. Rosie Coutts

Company Director, Three Sixty Degree Marketing Consultancy Limited

I am so happy I took the leap! I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to cope. Although I found it difficult to disconnect my brain to start with, I was soon able to let go and fine tune my ability to connect with my spirit self.  Was it my imagination? I soon learnt that there is a fine line between this reality and the spirit world. Sheila was very patient with me and I could rely on her guidance every time. I could feel myself growing after each session and now my vibrations are much higher. Thanks to all the different tools, I am now confident I can carry on the journey on my own. This is exactly what I needed: to get a solid base to grow upon. I am so excited about the journey ahead. Thank you so much.


this is for you if:

  • You are fed up of playing small
  • You want change and are ready to do what it takes to make it happen
  • You know you are here for so much more
  • You can see what you want in life, but it seems just out of reach
  • Nothing seems to be working and you have done all the things



This is not for you if:

  • You blame other people for your lack of progress
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your life
  • You are happy playing the victim

investment for this 3 month (12 week programme) is £1,997 (approx $2,615)


Bonus: In depth intuitive reading at start of programme including aura drawing (value £150) plus email support and psychic questions throughout our time together (value £597).