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Earth Space is a sacred online community for woman who are looking for more magick in life.  This is a safe space to be nurtured as you heal and expand.  

What is Earth Space?


Earth Space is a monthly sacred circle for women who are ready to rise.  Each month you will get a new topic to delve into to help you on your journey in both personal and spiritual development.  This is a safe space to share your wins and receive support when you need it most.

This is a sistarhood of women, just like you who will become your soul sistars, cheerleaders and earth angels as you travel the warrior path.

This is a place to heal, a place to expand and master your life. 

If you have been searching for a place to call home, then this is it.

If you are ready to start living the life of your dreams and are prepared to do what it takes, then what are you waiting for?

Let the magick begin!

What is included in your membership?

Each month you will receive:

  • New workshop bundle consisting of a video and meditation to support your journey
  • New moon circle and opportunity to get a live reading with Sheila
  • Full moon circle and opportunity to get a live reading with Sheila
  • Private Facebook group

This is for you if...

  • You are opening up spiritually
  • You want a tribe of soul sistars to grow with
  • You want more magick and miracles in your life
  • You are ready to uplevel your life in all areas
  • You crave a sense of belonging
  • You are open to learning and developing
  • You want a deeper connection with your SOUL
  • You are a busy woman and find it difficult to find the time to devote to your spiritual journey

What can I say about Sheila? She is filled with love, compassion and kindness. Always striving for the better good. Her soul mission is to help others and to help heal their lives. She has the tools to help to empower your life. Positivity and light shines from her beautiful face. I just adore her.

Anita Brown

Health Advocate, My Big Fat British Tumour

Sheila is a brilliant empath & spiritual teacher who will support your personal and spiritual goals. Her gentle nature will guide you through those first few steps to give you not only confidence but deeper understanding of your awakening your spiritual gifts. Ruqayya Daville

Leadership and Business Mentor

Sheila is very professional, insightful and intuitive, with a real understanding of what challenges a business has and offers a professional, insightful service. Not only this, on a personal level, she is calm, nurturing, an expert in her specialisms, has perception and understanding of the challenges life can offer. If you would like help with your business I would definitely recommend Sheila as a valuable resource. Rosie Coutts

Company Director, Three Sixty Degree Marketing Consultancy Limited

Are you ready to join earth space?

Become a founding member of Earth Space for a low monthly payment.  As a founding member the price never goes up.

The founding member price is just £11 per month/approx $14.  This will not go up if you join now.  If you pay for the year it is just £110/approx $143 and you will get two months free.


Over the years I have spent over £40,000 on personal and spiritual development.  I have taken live courses and retreats and I have purchased lots of online courses.  Some of it was hugely beneficial but some not so much.

That is why I have put all the best bits together in bite sized chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed and can work at your own pace.  My journey was lonely, and I don’t want that for you.  We learn better, together and so within Earth Space you will find a tribe of SOUL SISTARS who will become your supporters and cheerleaders and keep you going towards your goals.

When you make an investment in yourself the universe will conspire to assist you as you up level your life.  When you invest in yourself you show the universe that you know your worth and that attracts new opportunities to you as if by magick.

I have kept the membership incredibly low so that as many women as possible will be able to access the material and create change in their lives.  Working privately with me is not cheap and I only take on a few clients a year so this is the best way to get access to me and my magick for an affordable price.  Working with me is life changing, and remarkable transformations are the result.

The TIME IS NOW!  Grab your place and get ready to rise.

During the past 18 months I have been guided and coached by Sheila, during a very difficult time in my life. The reads I have received from Sheila have been very accurate and on point to what was happening, and what had happened. Sheila was very accurate on things she said was coming to me. I bought an angel reading from Sheila, which turned out to be a great turning point in my life. It was very in-depth, and guided me to where I felt I should be. It helped me open up my spiritual side, and I continue to work with it still. I meditate with Sheila’s meditations and feel in a much happier and secure place, because of her guidance. Thank you Sheila.

Allison J

Bonuses when you sign up

As a bonus you will also get access to the Wheel of the Year celebrations and rituals with Sheila.  Together we will come together in sacred circle to celebrate Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.  These will be done live and you will be sent access to join.  There will be a recording if you are unable to attend the live on line session.

Don’t worry if you do not know much about The Wheel of the Year, all will be explained by Sheila in good time.

Sheila will guide you through the magical year with ideas on how to celebrate these festivals.

meet sheila

Sheila is a modern day high priestess of magick and spiritual entrepreneur.  She works with women who are ready to claim their sovereignty and rise.  Her work is transformational and she uses a blend of intuition, law of attraction and magick to create quantum leaps in life and business.

What is inside Earth Space?

Inside the private membership site you will find the monthly bundles with the videos and meditations.  New bundles will be added each month.

You will find the dates for the new moon and full moon lives and how you can access these.  There will also be the dates of your bonus wheel of the year live sessions.

Earth Space will become the new home for your SOUL.  Here you will find everything you need to grow spiritually and personally and your tribe of SOUL SISTARS.

earth space

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