Inspiration for your soul

Benefits of Meditation

I absolutely love to meditate! I try to squeeze in at least one meditation in a day - I know what you're thinking.. "I don't have time to meditate!!!!". I feel the same way, however, I try and fit a meditation into my daily routine. For example, if I have a super jam...

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Why lack of confidence will dim your light

Head bowed in shame. I walk in the office, hoping no one notices me.  Please don’t talk to me, I can’t face it right now.  Slowly I shuffle to my desk and slowly lower myself into the chair.  My back is sore to touch, the bruises are starting to come out now. How did...

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What is an empath?

Have you ever wondered what an empath is and if in fact you are one? You have probably heard the term banded about in spiritual circles along with sensitive, lightworker and earth angel. An empath can be all of those things too. Being an empath means that you can pick...

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Empaths and narcissists

I speak with a lot of empaths, sensitives and lightworkers during the course of my work and there is one thing that has stood out for me from these conversations. Empaths attract narcissists. I know as I have met my fair share in my time, but what I have learnt is how...

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Tools to Empower Your Life

If your life is spiralling out of control and you need to get back on track these are the tools that I use.  Getting them into your daily practice will help you live your life on your terms and help you deal with stress and overcome obstacles with ease.  You will also...

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