I absolutely love to meditate! I try to squeeze in at least one meditation in a day – I know what you’re thinking.. “I don’t have time to meditate!!!!”. I feel the same way, however, I try and fit a meditation into my daily routine. For example, if I have a super jam packed day, I will try and meditate just before bed, or first thing in the morning. 
Here are some absolutely incredible benefits of meditation, that I think you ALL need to hear:
  • It improves sleep – meditation can help to relax your body, releases tension and helps to place you in a peaceful state. I know that if I meditate before bed, I feel so much more relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.
  • It helps to reduce stress – did you know? Stress reduction is one of the top reasons people give meditation a go. A scientific study including over 3,500 adults showed that meditation did in fact help with stress reduction. 
  • It helps to control anxiety – meditation can help to reduce worrying thoughts and bring about feelings of balance, calm and focus.
  • It can generate kindness – some types of meditation may help to increase positive feelings and actions towards yourself and others. It makes me feel great!
  • It’s affordable and FREE!! – you can find free meditations online for free easily, and you don’t necessarily need any sort of equipment or specific space. You can meditate anywhere! I love meditating in bed laying down, and there are some great meditations online for free!
See – meditation is GREAT!!