About the 30 day plan

This 30 day plan is designed to support you inside and out.   In 30 days you can expect to rid the body of toxins, decrease inflammation and heal the gut.  You may experience better moods and sleep. along with increased energy and glowing skin.

The products are designed to give results that you will certainly want to share with others.  The products are powered with plants, non GMO, soy, dairy, nuts, common allergens and anything artificial.

You will have support for the 30 days of the plan in a closed Facebook group plus you will also receive my angelic detox programme as a gift that you will be able to use again and again.  The angelic realm are a beautiful resource to call on while going through the cleansing process.

If you are wanting to manifest your perfect life and nothing is working or you are having sporadic results the reason is you are not treating your body as a temple.  Toxins and bad nutritional choices are blocking you on an energetic level and making you unattractive to magic and miracles.

Clear this and money, miracles and your dream life are all within reach.

This is not a shed weight quickly, then put it back on diet.

The products are formulated with the best that science and nature have and will nutritionally rebalance your system.

On this plan you will:

  • Reduce toxin intake.​

  • Increase nutritional intake. ​

  • Decrease inflammation of the gut.

  • Have more energy.

  • Get better sleep.

  • Move from acidic to alkaline and flush out toxins and fat.  ​ ​

The products are vegan, non GMO, with no soy, gluten or artificial additives.

The plan is easy to follow and includes meal plans and shopping lists.

You won’t feel like you are missing out or deprived as the shakes recipes are super yummy and the evening meals are divine. 

Vegan and non vegan meal plans are included.